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The Besac fortress is located above Virpazar, on a hill that stands out in the vast Crmnički polje. There is a road leading to it, with a separate path from the Virpazar - Bar road, via Sutorman.

Every detail, from the ambiance to the menu, has been carefully designed to provide our guests with an authentic experience and enchant them with unique flavors and a pleasant atmosphere.

Đorđe Leković


As waiters, we try not only to provide top-notch service, but also to create personal contact with our guests. We are proud to recommend our specialties and we are always here to satisfy the wishes and needs of every guest.

Zoran Mićić


Our restaurant is a place where love for food turns into the art of each dish. Each ingredient is carefully selected, each preparation technique is carefully studied, all with the aim of providing each guest with an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Dejan Mugoša


We Recommend

local specialties

Our restaurant proudly presents a rich range of local specialties that enchant the palate and win the heart. Our menu is full of authentic flavors of our region, from traditional dishes to creative interpretations of local ingredients.


From our menu

Breakfast "Besac"

300 g (homemade bread, cream cheese, scrambled eggs, sausage/beef sausage, tomato, mixed salad)

Virpazar pate

250g (carp, trout, rocket, pistachios, fruit)

Plate "Skadarsko jezero"

350g (cheese with herbs, cheese with allspice, tomato stuffed with cheese, marinated carp, marinated trout, mackerel, olive pâté, crmic onion, sez. fruit)

Beef carp

300g (beef ram steak, burrata, cherry tomatoes, mixed salad, pesto sauce, pistachios, aceto balsamico)

Fish risotto

300g (carp, eel, dried figs, tomato sauce)

"Ratatouille" x Besac

250g (zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, vegan cheese, tomato sauce, mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, rocket)

Steak in oil

250g (beef, butter, soy sauce)

Pork ribs in BBQ sauce

250g (pork ribs, mashed potatoes, aromatic potatoes, microbeads, pistachios)

Carp with prunes and quinces

400g (carp, plum, apple, quince, onion, carrot, tomato sauce)

Fish brodet

350g (carp, salmon-trout, eel, fish broth, tomato sauce)

Date cake "Labeatis"

200g (date, almond, forest fruit, white chocolate, vanilla ice cream)

We Organize

Your Celebrations

We specialize in organizing elegant and memorable events, whether it's a romantic dinner for two, an exclusive business lunch or a glamorous private event. With carefully selected dishes prepared from the highest quality ingredients and professional service from our team, every event becomes a unique opportunity to enjoy and remember.


Our Menu

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